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Environment, Social, and Governance

At Firebird, our commitment to responsible ESG practices plays a significant part in our consideration towards future planning and how we conduct business.

Firebird understands the importance of upholding the highest standards in Environment, Social and Governance affairs, while advancing the Oakover Project towards an operational status and beyond.

To ensure we grow the Company and Oakover in the right way, we have engaged a leading advisory firm to advise and assist in capturing key ESG metrics and objectives, which will be used as a standard for all levels of reporting.

Our core ESG focus areas consist of corporate governance systems, people management systems, local community support and management of operations.

Firebird is committed to conducting all business activities in accordance with our core values to establish a positive reputation in the community as a reliable, responsible and ethical organisation.

Firebird’s Core Values






Firebird’s ESG methodology plays a crucial role in our planning and business operations, including:

Corporate Governance

Establishing a sound corporate governance structure to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance.

This includes effective board operations, reasonable executive compensation, information disclosure, and risk management.

Human Resources
Management System

Focusing on employee welfare, training, development, and diversity and inclusion.

Establishing fair employment policies, measures to protect labour rights, ensuring employee health and safety, and providing career development and equal opportunities.

Support for Local

Actively engaging with local communities and taking measures to protect the local environment, promote social welfare and economic development.

This includes communication and collaboration with local residents and stakeholders, involvement in community projects, and corporate social responsibility activities.


Paying attention to environmental protection, resource efficiency and carbon emissions reduction. By adopting sustainable operational practices, such as energy management, waste management and environmental monitoring. Firebirds aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimise environmental impact.

By integrating the ESG methodology into planning and business practices, Firebird strives to ensure sustainable and responsible outcomes in terms of environment, society and corporate governance, while actively addressing future challenges and opportunities.